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RPD Technology Consulting Company, LLC

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We can handle all of your abrasive technical problems
  1. Product Development
    Provide innovative solutions to develop new products with technical excellence and performance to meet customer satisfaction
  2. Global Technical Consulting
    Provide global technical services in all technical aspects of Coated Abrasives including: abrasives , resins, formulations , backing designs (paper, film, fiber, cloth, non-woven)
  3. Start up and Process Control
    Provide all aspects of start-up manufacturing process technologies including cloth finishing, coating process, radiation curing, lamination, converting process and the corresponding machinery
  4. Statistical Experimental Design and Data Analysis
    Provide customized statistical experimental designs to optimize formulations and processes, Six Sigma, DOE, RSM and TQM. Provide tutorial and training courses with real world examples
  5. Product Analysis And Reverse Engineering
    Provide step-by-step procedures for product composition analysis and reverse engineering. Conduct product performance testing and characterization
  6. Vision and Mission Statement
    Be the trusted and premier choice of technical consulting company that rapidly delivers high value-added and cost effective solutions to clients
What We Do
We are here to provide total solutions to all of your technical problems
  • RPD Technology Consulting Company LLC, key members with combined 120 years of technical experience in industrial product and process development, with more than 65 years of direct experience in Coated  Abrasive industry. In addition, a network of affiliated experts and consultants provides additional technical resources for speciality projects.
  • Over 20 years of successful technical consulting record in abrasive industries with more than 11 leading abrasive companies encompassing a broad range of product design , formualations and process technolgies.
We can handle all of your Technical needs
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Rapid Response, Customer-focused, Value-added Service

Accomplishments and Successful Cases:
  • Over 20 years of successful technical consulting track record in abrasive industries with more than 11 leading abrasive companies encompassing a broad range of product design, formulations  and process technologies:
  • Designed and implemented 5 turn-key new cloth finishing lines
  • Implemented 2 hot melt PSA and 3 waterborne PSA coating/laminating lines including adhesive formulations
  • Designed and implemented flexing and curl correction for paper and cloth coated abrasive products
  • Optimized zinc stearate formulations and product design for anti-loading products
  • Specified and implemented converting machinery and optimized bet joint formulation
  • Providing formulations and process technologies for manufacturing non-woven backing, convolute and unified wheels
  • Provided resin formulation and implemented process machinery for glass fiber reinforcement impregnation for cut-off and grinding wheels
  • Implemented cost-effective non-incineration air and water pollution remediation technologies
  • Innovative product and process technologists with proven track record of combined 25 US patents and well versed in patent landscape assessment and IP portfolio strategic management.
  • Provide consultation and training on Stage-Gate process for technical portfolio management, Six Sigma, TRIZ, Statistical experimental design (DOE) and data analysis, and process/formulation optimization,  lean manufacturing, 5S, SPC, on-line inspection, QA, TQM, etc.
  • Technical expertise in polymers, coatings, adhesives, fabrics, composites materials (PF, UF, PU, Epoxy, Acrylic, Radiation curable resins, Emulsions, Dispersions, etc.) and corresponding processing technologies (Roll-to-roll web coating process, Cloth finishing process, Drying process, Curing process (thermal, RF/microwave, UV/EB radiation), Jumbo Converting, Belt joints, fabric seaming, etc.)
   Addotional Specialized Technical Areas:
  • Wind turbine blade resin and adhesive materials and manufacturing process technologies
  • Light-weighting engineering polymers, thermoplastic and thermoset composite solutions to aerospace and automotive applications
  • Industrial textile design and manufacturing processes (spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing, laminating/coating)
  • Heavy-duty coated fabrics and laminated composite fabrics
  • Physical & mechanical testing of industrial fabrics under extreme conditions, e.g., ozone, extreme UV exposure, extreme temperature (e.g., -90°C), etc.
  • Application knowledge of nanoparticles and nanotechnology in:
  • Textile nano-finishing (anti-static, anti-soil, water-repellent, anti-microbial, anti-odor)
  • Nano-clay polymeric composite gas barrier film
  • Coatings and surfaces with super-hydrophobicity (water-repellent), super-hydrophilicity, anti-soiling, self-cleaning and self-healing
  • Anti-scratch hard coat for plastic parts, hard wood floors, optical components
  • Polymer reactive processing: RIM, SRIM, Reactive extrusion, Pultrusion, RTM, HP-RTM, VARTIM